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We help solve data management and data integration issues. These issues often present themselves in various forms.

The following are some of the questions we hear and address with our SingleVision® software and services. Please follow the links to read more about how SingleVision® can help with the issue at hand.

We have data from several sources that I would like to coordinate for analysis. How can we match and link our records? How can we match and link on an ongoing basis, not just one time? Querying Multiple Databases, Analytical Framework

We have a lot of duplicate records in our database. How do I properly identify the duplicates? Can we view the matches on screen? How do I consolidate the data we have on duplicate records? Counting Customers, Reorganizing A Database

We use outside prospecting lists. Some of the lists are from our marketing partners, others are compiled lists. How can I match those outside lists against our internal database? How can I add the net new records? How can I update our internal database on the records that match records in our database? Appending Data, Net New Prospects

We need to understand our relationship with multi-unit, multi-location organizations. How can I link related organizations and their contacts together? How can I get corporate linkage on our database? Single Customer View, BDSCorp

I want to build a new database from one or more existing silos. How can I make sure the new database is as clean as possible? Building A Database